We’re Moving! (At some point)

In November, the Appalachian Liberation Library and the Workers Alliance of Northeast Tennessee were offered the rent-free use of a 1200 square foot building located just outside of downtown Johnson City. The property owner had all-new electric, light fixtures, plumbing, and HVAC installed for us, but there’s a good bit of work we have to do ourselves in order to get the building move-in ready.

If you’d like to help us get into our new space faster, you can volunteer your labor or donate to our fund for materials. To volunteer, email assistant@allibrary.org. To donate, click here. (We’re going to need about $19k to complete the renovations.¬†Every bit helps!)

This includes:

  • Removing the suspended ceiling
  • Removing the old, damaged floors
  • Cleaning and patching/caulking the ceiling and walls
  • Painting the interior
  • Installing new flooring
  • Repairing both toilets
  • Expanding and outfitting one of the restrooms for ADA compliance
  • Adding a wheelchair ramp to the front curb
  • Replacing the gate on the fence around the patio
  • Creating a children’s area
  • Setting up a kitchenette
  • Creating a large sign for the post out front

Volunteers have already been hard at work. The suspended ceiling tiles are gone, and the grid for them will be gone soon as well. The glued-down old flooring has been painstakingly removed. Next we’ll need to level the concrete floor so that waterproof click-lock vinyl planks can be installed over it.

The ceiling tile pile

Removing the last of the floor tiles


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