Temporarily Closed Due to Storm Damage

A structure got blown off our roof during heavy winds and took out our power on its way down. Brightridge had to disconnect us from the city power lines completely. We’re working on getting everything fixed and back up and running as soon as possible.

UPDATE January 30th: Still working on it. The electrical stuff on our end has been repaired, but we’re dealing with some other fall out. Working on getting back up as quick as we can!

UPDATE February 12th: We have power as of yesterday! But we also have a leaking roof from the storm damage, so we’re still not open. The leaks are being fixed, and we’re so very much looking forward to getting open again!

In the meantime, the Rad Needle Craft Klatch that happens on Sundays has been put on pause until March. But on the good news side, by April we’d like to start doing some fun (and free—the best kind of fun!) things on a few Monday evenings every month—board game nights, movie nights, etc, so keep an eye out.

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