Library Policies

On this page: Library cards, Checking out books, Donating books, Your privacy

How to Get a Library Card

Library memberships are free. (But donations help keep the library open & growing!) Visit the library during open hours & fill out a form. You’ll be given a library card.

Checking Out Books

Quick Rundown: One book at a time, checkout period is 30 days, renew in person or by email

We have a small library, so patrons, at the moment, are allowed only one book out at a time. If you have children, you can also check out one kids’ book per child at a time. (There is no minimum age requirement for membership, so you can alternately get library cards for your kids, particularly if they’re ready to check out books outside of the kids’ section.)

If, when you go to check out a book, the librarian is familiar with you and you know your membership number, you won’t have to show your card, but if the librarian is not familiar with you, you will need to show your card.

Please return or renew your checked out book(s) within 30 days of checking it out. You can renew in person or by email ( (If you email, please tell us either the title of the book or your membership number.)

If someone requests a book you’ve checked out and you are beyond the initial 30 days, we may ask you for the book back even if you have renewed it.

If you lose a book, you’ll need to replace it before you can check out any further books.

Donating Books to the Library

We accept new and used books in good condition. Books must align with our overall theme of “justice and liberation.” The best way to get a feel for it is to visit the library or browse our book collection online.

Donated books that don’t quite fit the collection will be sold for cash that the library can use to sustain itself. We are unable to accept books in poor condition or books that don’t fit the collection and that we feel we’ll also not be able to sell.

To donate books, bring them to the library, or mail them to 419 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604. (If you choose to mail books, please email to let us know to keep an eye out for them.)

How the Library Protects You and Your Privacy

Quick Rundown: You have options as to how your information is stored and used.

1. Library Patrons

All patrons will need to complete a form to get their library card. The card itself contains only your membership number and no other personally identifying information. You will need your card or membership number any time you check out a book.

We have the ability to send automated due date reminders, which takes a load off our volunteer librarians, and we appreciate whenever patrons are able to allow us to do that. However, we understand that some patrons may wish to be recorded in any computer system, so we have developed processes to accommodate each preference.

If you opt in to our automated due date reminder service, we will record in our computer system the bare minimum of information required to process checkouts, returns, and renewal reminders, and you will receive the reminders by email.

If you choose not to opt in, we will record your checked out book on a checkout sheet that includes only your membership number and book identifying information. When you return your book, we’ll cross out the book and your member ID on the checkout sheet with a Sharpie.

2. Donors and Monthly Sustainers

If you make a donation or a sustainer payment online, there will be a record of your payment, including any identifying information you provided with that payment, in the donation system used. (We will not, however, have your bill info.)

If you make a donation in cash, you can specify whether you want the donation to recorded anonymously or with your name. (Money dropped into the donation box at the library or at any event the library attends will always be anonymous unless it is a check or identifying information is attached to the donation.)

If you are a monthly sustainer and make a payment in cash, there will be a record of your payment, including the minimum necessary identifying information.

3. Mailing List

We send out periodic newsletters and event notices. You may opt into these when you sign up for a library card, make a donation, or ask a librarian to be added. For the library’s mailing list, we need only an email address and a first name. Once you’re on the mailing list, you can opt out of future newsletters and event notices by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any of our newsletter or event notice emails.